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Metcon Awards Students in the State Region IV Science & Engineering Fair


For the 4th consecutive year, Metcon sponsored the NC Region IV Science and Engineering Fair for North Carolina elementary school division grades (3-5).  Metcon is proud to support our local schools in trying to keep the students interested in STEM fields as they progress through their teenage years.  The achievements at this early stage of development will ensure that they have the best chance possible of staying engaged in science, technology, engineering and math.

Metcon donated 8 Itunes gift cards to the elementary students who will advance to the State Fair. (pictured below)


Elem Winners.JPG


Winners - Advancing to State Fair (From left to right)

(1101) SWISH: The Science of Shooting Free Throws

Students: Kailtyn Zuravel

School: Vanstory Hills Elementary

(1102) GENETICS: A Study of Dominant and Recessive Traits

Students: Lauren Zuravel

School: Vanstory Hills Elementary

(1107) Refrain From Stain

Students: Spencer Reese

School: Long Hill Elementary

(1121) what up with that? teeth whitening edition

Students: Angelina Musson

School: Don D Steed Elementary

(1126) Swing Batter Batter Swing

Students: Ty Lawson

School: Edgewood Elementary

(1161) Does the Weight of a Skateboarder Affect Their Speed?

Students: Vincent Cortez

School: Loyd E Auman Elementary

(1168) Catch Me...If You Can

Students: Gwendolyn Amos-Wall

School: Long Hill Elementary

(1175) A Sweet Solution

Students: David Steed

School: Candor Elementary