Metcon Construction

Sandy Grove Middle School - Final Solar Panel Added


As the Sandy Grove Middle School nears completion, Metcon and SFL+A host a cookout to friends, colleagues, & school administrators in the surrounding counties. Metcon is the Construction Manager at Risk for Sandy Grove Middle School and SFL+A serves as the architect. At the gathering guest were allowed to sign the last solar panel to be set in place, and watched as it was raised up and secured. Guest enjoyed a nice lunch afterwards and was able to participate in a tour of the school.  Sandy Grove continues to be on schedule and the completion date remains the same for July 2013.

Sandy Grove Middle School is the 1st Net (+) privatized school in the nation.  It is designed to LEED Platinum.


Pictured Above - Aaron Thomas signing the last "Solar Panel" for the bldg.



The last "Solar Panel" set into place on March 26, 2013



Guest were invited for a meal after the last "Solar Panel" was set into place.