Metcon Construction

Angel Exchange


  • Location: Pembroke, NC
  • Architect: Billy Hoffman - Metcon

Angels Exchange was a highly complex octagonal structure with eight radiating wings. It has a square footage of approximately 36,000. The structure massed three stories in height capped with a pyramid skylight @ 62' high. The facility was brick veneer, standing seam metal roof, and aluminum storefront windows. The interior of the building has a three story atrium that is open to the corridors of all three floors above and is served by a elevator or glass railed spiral staircase. The site encompasses 12 acres complete with asphalt parking and site lighting. Sanitary sewer extensions to serve the project were completed by Metcon crews. 8" Sanitary Sewer Piping as well as 6" and 8" water lines and appurtances were run to the project from the adjacent Carolina Commerce and Technology Center. A new 8' diameter x 20' deep sanitary sewer pumping station to serve the entire park was installed as an old sanitary sewer pumping station was abandoned and closed. All of the site and utility work was performed by the Metcon Infrastructure Division crews.


Project Photos