Metcon Construction

City Gateway


  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Architect: SFLA Architects

City Gateway is a premier mixed-use development in the heart of Downtown Raleigh’s innovation district. An extraordinary, first-of-its-kind development for the Triangle region, Phase I at City Gateway will be the area’s first ENERGY-POSITIVE building, producing all the energy it needs on site. With SMART BUILDING technology, information from various building systems can be leveraged to optimize energy and operational performance. Real performance means a better, more productive and comfortable work environment.

The building includes a geothermal HVAC system, high performance lighting and glass, natural daylight, superior insulated building envelope, digital energy dashboard and solar panels.



17.08.18 Raleigh City Gateway-No Logo.jpg
17.08.18 Raleigh City Gateway-No Logo.jpg
17.10.13 Exploris exterior view 2.jpg
17.10.13 Exploris interior commons.jpg
17_0201 Gateway Cafe.jpg
17_0201 Gateway Lobby.jpg
17_0201 Gateway Terrace.jpg