Metcon Construction

(5) Horry County Schools


  • Location: Horry County
  • Architect:¬†Sfla+Architects
  • Five new energy positive schools are underway (three middle, one intermediate and one elementary) in Horry County, SC. Each state-of-the-art facility will be a high-performance, safe and secure learning environment with classrooms, signature core spaces, and feature energy positive building systems. Each building features on-site renewable energy generation to produce more energy than the annual operation each school requires.¬†


Socastee Elementary_int e (Medium).jpg
Socastee Elementary_int e (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_int l (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_int d (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_ext b (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_ext a (Medium).jpg
Socastee Elementary_int h (Medium).jpg
Socastee Elementary_ext a (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_ext f (Medium).jpg
Socastee Elementary_int b (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_int c2 (Medium).jpg
Socastee Elementary_int c (Medium).jpg
St James Intermediate_ext d (Medium).jpg