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Special Feature

Sandy Grove Middle School

From Net Zero to Net Positive 

On March 26, 2013 as Sandy Grove Middle School neared completion, Metcon placed the final solar panel into place.  Before placing the last solar panel, friends, colleagues, and school administrators were allowed to sign the last solar panel to be set in place, and watched as it was raised up and secured.  


Sandy Grove Signing Solar Panel.JPG

Workers and guests sign the final Solar panel before it was put into place. 

Sandy Grove Last Solar Panel.JPG

The last "Solar Panel" set into place on March 26, 2013


The Difference

Metcon has completed the construction of many buildings, but none even close to Sandy Grove Middle School, the First Privatized Net Positive school in the nation.

Sandy Grove Middle School (SGMS) is in an elite class of buildings that generate more energy than they consume. Translated, SGMS will save nearly $16 million in energy cost alone over the next 40 years. Combined with other operations and maintenance efficiencies, SGMS will save Hoke County over $35 million during that same period.




The Result?

Sandy Grove Middle School is the first Net-Positive Energy school in the nation. The green design measures taken in planning for this new school will serve as an incredible standard for future schools to follow. Methods for the design and construction of Sandy Grove Middle School can easily be used in other construction projects throughout the country. The more projects that emphasize sustainability, the more resources will be used efficiently, allowing for a wealth of economic and environmental benefits for all parties involved.




Sandy Grove Middle School is designed to be LEED Platinum.  Some of the key features that make this project sustainable are the electric car charging stations.  The school uses water efficient fixtures that reduce water by 30%.  Energy Reduction played a big role in the projects sustainable design.  The energy reduction includes:

  • Solar power 589.5 kw of Photovoltaic
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • High efficiency LED lighting 
  • High performance building envelope with spray foam
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Thermal Mass 
  • Whole building generator 
  • Control of all building systems on and off-site through the Building Automation System

75% of the construction used on the Sandy Grove Middle School was either recycled or salvaged.  The indoor air quality monitoring was also included in the design which allowed for outdoor air delivery monitoring, low emitting materials and day lighting controls.


SG Dashboard.jpg

 Click here to see a live version of the dashboard! 

The dashboard shown above shows sustainable features of the school.  Including, how the various building systems work, the relationship between power production and use, water use monitoring, geothermal ground loop temperature readings, and countless other design integration points relating to the LEED Platinum scorecard.

Best Project Banner.jpg 

The Finished Product!

Sandy Grove Middle PIC.tiff

Carbone_SFLA_NCS 4.jpg







Sandy  Grove Aerial with Grass.jpg