Metcon Construction


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Our Safety Commitment 

The prevention of accidents is more than just good business - it is our moral obligation. Our commitment to safety goes far beyond compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements. Safety is more than a priority at Metcon - it is a core value. Our employees understand that safety is not something we do in addition to the work.  At Metcon, Safety is a team effort.  We want to ensure when any worker comes onto our jobsites, they know they are a part of our safety team and know their safety matters to us. 


Our Approach

We have an established Safety and Health Prevention Program that includes formal safety training, inspections, audits, and safety committees. We train our managers, supervisors, and employees to identify and correct unsafe conditions and, more importantly, unsafe work practices but we also include our subcontractors and their employees in our informal jobwide monthly safety training.   Every Metcon employees receives OSHA 30hr. training and First Aid and CPR training within the first 6 months of employment.  The strong safety culture that Metcon has developed supports and encourages our employees to protect each other and those working around them. 


Member of the Exclusive NCDOL OSHA Building Star Partnership Program 

Metcon, Inc.has had the unique distinction being recognized by the NCDOL OSHA Building Star for our explanatory Safety and Health Program  and being named as a Building Star Contractor in 2014.  Metcon is only the twenty-sixth general contractor in North Carolina who is a part of this prestigious recognition program.