metcon | Rising to the challenge of covid-19

Our team at Metcon continues to monitor the COVID-19 Virus and has created a jobsite protocol and adapting new policies as it relates to our team members, clients and subcontractors on the front lines.

As an essential business, we will continue to face the challenges as the spread of COVID-19 continues and our company has taken a strong stance on our jobsites and office locations to protect our employees and the workers of our subcontractors on site.  This ever-changing situation requires us to adapt, and implement policies tailored to clients, projects jurisdictions and “hot-spots”. 

  • All workers on our jobsites are required to wear faces masks when social distancing is not possible in the field, in meetings, and in our office location. 
  • If someone feels ill, has been exposed to C19, or has a family member who is sick, they are required to report this to their supervisor and stay home. 
  • In person meetings are discouraged, but if necessary, must maintain social distancing and/or wear facial covering and limited to no more than 6 people at a time.
  •  All jobsites are equipped with handwashing and hand sanitizing stations upon entry.
  • Everyone is reminded to wash their hands and avoid touching their face.
  •  Jobsite COVID-19  Company Wide Training Programs and Signage.

Additionally, on many projects, we are screening employees of symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering our project sites, including temperature testing. We will continue to apply this to more of our projects as equipment and resources become available.

Disruption to Supply/Materials Chain

In addition to the health and safety impacts, we have also considered the impact this Pandemic will have on all of our projects and the construction industry as a whole. 

A large portion of what ends up on our jobsites comes from China.  In addition to these supply delays and constraints we will also see domestic tightening and supply constriction as plants and distribution facilities start to close due to the crisis.  Whether domestic or international, these supply chain problems will cause delays and in some instances shortages of certain materials.  

Our team has been proactively managing each project prudently and addressing availability and price increases of products to ensure we can continue to operate and execute our projects on time and within budget.  

We will continue to look for ways to protect our clients’ best interests, and keep our employees, associates, and subcontractors safe.  Working together in our communities and in our industry to define resources and tools to get through this storm and deliver our projects safely.