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Assistant Superintendent

Metcon is a commercial general contractor that specializes in construction management, negotiated, design-build and select hard-bid projects. The Asst. Superintendents coordinate all site construction activities and supervise all field staff including Foreman and unless otherwise delegated: Sub-Foreman, and/or craft employees on site in order to successfully complete the project on schedule and within budget. This includes maintaining the highest quality, supervising all trade and field personnel, while administering good construction safety practices with all on-site activities. They serve as an important point of contact for project communications, planning, and reporting. Responsibilities begin from the start of construction through close-out.  The Asst. Superintendent is the leader and supervisor of Foreman & Subcontractors during construction. The Superintendent is an example of the ethics, work attitude, and dedication to the success of the project.   


The following are a partial listing of the most important project tasks by project phase managed by the Asst. Superintendent, under the direction of the Lead Superintendent:


  • Instill and maintaining a highly motivated staff by promoting a healthy and safe work environment and by communicating with other employees and management in an honest, fair, and timely manner using sound judgment
  • Review all construction documents and scopes of work for each Subcontractor in order to coordinate site logistics and maintain progress of the construction schedule.
  • Instill and maintain a positive working relationship with the Owner and Architect to promote repeat business and references
Subcontractor Coordination
  • Coordinate and communicate with all subcontractors/vendors and effectively deal with problems such as, deliveries, labor, schedule, defective work, and necessary inspections.
  • One of the Leaders in insuring all work is completed per contract requirements including commissioning, punch lists and project closeout within the targeted time frame
Time Management
  • Prepare communication protocols of project schedule, milestones and compliance reports
  • Responsible for keeping the project within the contractual completion dates for each phase, milestone and final completion requirement
  • Assist in creating and communicate 3- week look ahead schedules with Metcon personnel and subcontractors on a weekly basis.
Quality Management
  • Provide information and direction to PM/PE in order to maintain an accurate document control plan including plan logs, change orders, field checks, and as-builts.
  • Conduct in conjunction with the PM preparing/conducting submittals, schedules, pre-construction meetings, material inspection checks, and construction testing logs
  • Identify and immediately rectify non-compliant work, review means & methods with subcontractor
  • Responsible for obtaining the project’s Certificate of Occupancy and other agency approvals throughout the duration of the project.
Project/Contract Administration
  • Assist the PM in review and acceptance of the Construction Management/ GC Plan, Schedule Reports, Monthly and Project Cost Reports
  • Prepare and distribute daily field reports to PM on a daily basis.
  • Conduct building inspections with all applicable authorities having jurisdiction over the project’s structure and site, and to communicate and insure adherence by Metcon field staff and Subcontractors.
  • Conduct and delegate as necessary the completion of subcontract final inspections, punch-list items and Owner on site work related close-out items.
  • Lead and conduct weekly meetings with all pertinent Metcon Field staff, subcontractors and suppliers.
Safety Management
  • In conjunction with Metcon Safety Director, ensure site compliance at all times.
  • Ensure each phase of construction maintains site and other occupant’s safety at all times and rectifies job site safety hazards immediately.
  • Ensure all project personnel are in compliance with Project Safety Plan, use and maintain Personal Safety Equipment.

Disclaimer:  The Job Description above is a boilerplate, working document and may be modified to suit each particular project assignment.  All roles and responsibilities for each respective position can be finalized during the hire-on process.

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