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Metcon is a commercial general contractor that specializes in construction management, negotiated, design-build and select hard-bid projects. The Estimator is a critical position within Metcon. Estimators are responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings, ensuring that we know everything required to successfully bid and win the project. Estimators must aggressively follow-up with subcontractors to ensure that bids are received. Estimators also work with the Project Management teams to follow-up on proposals and clients until the contract is awarded.


(For Full Time Employees)


Bid Administration
  • Prepares and maintains status of plan reproduction
  • Solicits and maintains communication with subcontractors and vendors
  • Prepares subcontractor bid packages
  • Transmits addenda and other bid information to subcontractors
  • Ensures that we have the proper coverage from subcontractors on bid day
  • Contacts supply houses to obtain additional subcontractor bids
  • Shows creativity and resourcefulness to gain better pricing from subcontractors
  • Submits 100% of bids and budgets by the bid deadline – no exceptions
  • Enters all relevant information into isqft.
Project Knowledge 
  • Review bid requirements thoroughly and asks follow-up question on every bid 
  • Has a thorough understanding of the scope for specific trades assigned 
  • Develops RFI’s and clarifications and ensure adequate subcontractor coverage and shows interest 
  • Performs a comprehensive “bid day” analysis and scoping of specific assigned trades 
  • Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of project 
  • Creates bid lists that fit scope of job, ensuring that we have the right subs for the project 
  • Minimize exclusions by “doing our homework” 
  • • Include value-engineering ideas on every bid 
Follow up & closing
  • Consistently follows up on submitted bids and budgets with Architect and/or
  • Construction Manager until contract award
  • Maintains relationships with architects, construction managers, property managers, brokers and can locate and find projects for the company.
Project turnover
  • Properly turns over bid documents and sub buyout information to Project Management in a timely manner.  Goal is 100% of awarded projects turned over within 24 hours of notification.
  • Review drawings with Project Management team and highlight areas of concern
  • Review job cost with Project Management team and highlight any subs/material vendors that still need to be awarded
Subcontractor management 
  • Seeks & qualifies new subcontractors

Disclaimer:  The Job Description above is a boilerplate, working document and may be modified to suit each particular project assignment.  All roles and responsibilities for each respective position can be finalized during the hire-on process.

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