Carolina Small Business Development Fund Names Aaron Thomas to Board of Directors

January 2023

Aaron Thomas, President and CEO of Metcon, Inc.,  has been honorably appointed to the Board of Directors for Carolina Small Business Development Fund.

Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF) founded in 1990 as the North Carolina Minority Support Center, providing technical assistance to financial institutions and entrepreneurs with the strong belief that if small businesses succeed, we all benefit. Today, CSBDF ensures that NC’s small business can succeed.  Administering millions of dollars in grants for the needs of the underserved businesses and people in our communities, but also expanding those services to include small business loans to in light of hardship and opportunities.  CSBDF lights the way forward for NC Small Businesses on the path of success.

Aaron’s passion to grow the next generation of minority contractors and his advocacy and leadership for minority economic development across NC will have a powerful impact on the organization moving forward.