James A. Leah Aquatic and Recreation Center

James A. Leach Aquatic & Recreation Center

  • Location:  Raeford, NC
  • Architect: SfL+a Architects

The James A. Leach Aquatic Center is a state-of-the-art aquatic leisure and fitness facility located in Hoke County. The facility is two stories tall and spans an impressive 53,000 square feet, set on thirty acres of land.

The main features of the Aquatic Center are an NBA sized basketball court, an competition-sized swimming pool, and an indoor walking track. The basketball court provides a great space for competitive and recreational games, while the pool is perfect for swimming, diving, and other water activities. The walking track is perfect for leisurely strolls, providing people of all ages with a great way to get some outdoor exercise.

The Aquatic Center is set to become an important part of the Hoke County community. With its impressive facilities, it is sure to provide a great place for people to come together and enjoy recreational and fitness activities. It has the potential to become the centerpiece of Hoke County and a place where people from all walks of life can come together to experience the joy of aquatic leisure and fitness.

In addition, the facility includes a exercise bike/weight room, concession area, rental space to host parties, and a playground specifically designed for disabled and exceptional kids.