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Project Manager

Metcon is a medium-sized commercial general contractor that specializes in construction management, negotiated, design-build and select hard-bid projects. Project Managers are the primary point of project communications, planning, contracts, and reporting. Responsibilities begin with pre-design, estimating, bidding and become full-time through construction, close-out, commissioning, and warranty. The PM is the leader and supervisor of the project team during construction. As such, the PM is an example of the ethics, work attitude, and dedication to the success of the project both financially and with the client.


The following are a partial listing of the most important project tasks by project phase managed by the Project Manager


Project Management
  • Preparation of project team and support staff aligned to general conditions and client’s contract
  • Maintain a highly motivated staff by promoting a healthy and safe work environment and by communicating with other employees and management in an honest, fair, and timely manner using sound judgment
  • Develop Construction Management/ GC Plan including project description, schedule, quality control, responsibility matrix, budgets, contract/legal requirements, project procedures manual, Master Builder set-up, communication protocols, and site logistics
  • Review estimate/bid packages and proposals. Prepare standard subcontracts, purchase orders and negotiation strategies/goals
  • Create and maintain cost reports with emphasis on analysis of project status, trends, projections and accuracy
  • Instill and maintain a positive working relationship with the Owner and Architect to promote repeat business and references
Cost Management
  • Generate and align standard subcontract and purchase orders with scopes of work, specifications, schedule, and project goals
  • Prepare subcontractors for start of work, weekly progress goals, progress trends, overtime or recovery, and quality control
  • Secure, review, approve, and submit subcontractor and supplier invoicing and generate Owner invoicing
  • Monitor, in conjunction with Metcon Project Superintendent, material and labor costs and insure accurate reporting/analysis
  • Track and analyze project budget and costs utilizing Sage Accounting software. Process and track change orders and potential claims.
  • Coordinate, manage, and communicate with all subcontractors/vendors and effectively deal with problems such as, deliveries, labor, schedule and payment disputes.
  • Complete contract requirements, commissioning, punch lists and project closeout within targeted time frame
Time Management
  • Prepare project milestones, master schedule, detailed project schedule, with cost and resource loading in coordination with subcontractors, Owner, and permitting/inspection restraints. Align schedule with Logistics Plan and project phasing.
  • Develop and prepare communication protocols of project schedule, milestones and compliance reports
  • Develop and analyze change proposal request’s time impact. Secure change order extensions promptly if needed.
  • Keep the project within the contractual completion dates for each phase, milestone and final completion requirement
Quality Management
  • Plan, organize, implement, monitor, and document a system of procedures that coordinate and direct relevant project services and workmanship in a manner that will achieve quality, compliance with specifications, applicable standards and project goals.
  • Develop and maintain a document control plan including plan logs, change orders, field checks, and as-builts.
  • Develop and maintain submittals schedules, pre-construction meetings, material inspection checks, and construction testing logs
  • Identify and immediately resolve non-compliant work, review means & methods with subcontractor
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy and other agency approvals.
Project/Contract Administration
  • Implement and maintain the administrative tasks and reporting requirements for all construction contracts
  • Maintain the Construction Management Plan, Schedule Reports, Monthly and Project Cost Reports
  • Maintain subcontracts, change orders, insurance certificates, bonds, building permit inspections for the project
  • Produce and maintain meeting minutes, tracking reports, quality compliance reports, labor reports, as-built plan coordination utilizing Procore software system. Operational and maintenance information, LEED reports and documentation and close-out information.
  • Complete subcontract final inspections, final documentation requirements, LEED documentation, and final payments
Safety Management
  • In conjunction with Metcon Safety Director, produce and maintain Project Safety Manual and ensure site compliance at all times.
  • Review and communicate safety compliance at all project meetings, subcontractor pre-construction conferences and with Owner
  • Ensure phase of construction maintains site and other occupant’s safety at all times.
  • Ensure all project personnel are in compliance with Project Safety Plan, use and maintain Personal Safety Equipment.

Disclaimer:  The Job Description above is a boilerplate, working document and may be modified to suit each particular project assignment.  All roles and responsibilities for each respective position can be finalized during the hire-on process.

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