UNC Wilmington Allied Health Sciences

University of North Carolina at Wilmington Allied Health Sciences

·       Location: Wilmington, NC

·       Architect: EYP Architects

This new facility will house the Health and Human Service College; the Center for Healthy Living; existing academic programs in Health and Applied Human Sciences and Social Work; support space for military-affiliated students; and related labs and classrooms and will also serve the local Veterans offering many rehabilitation and combined clinical services.  The building has many supported lab functions:  Interprofessional Clinical Lab, Human Cadaver Wet Lab, Human Anatomy and Physiology Dry Lab, Human Performance Instructional Lab, Human Performance Research Lab, Biomechanics Lab, Other Labs to support Developing Programs (5) First Aid and CPR Lab Athletic Training, Rehabilitation Lab, Hydrostatic Lab, Sport Psychology/Motor Learning Lab, DEXA Laboratory, General Chemistry and Biology Labs.